Home Scandal and Gossip Moriyyah Israel has 15 children too many.

Moriyyah Israel has 15 children too many.

Life isn't working out for Morriyah this week...

Life isn't working out for Morriyah this week...

When forgetting where you left your kids becomes a problem.

Let’s all meet Moriyyah, in many ways she’s your typical overworked mom, bereft of her man (he keeled over a couple years ago), making the best of life, living hand to foot, strutting it into the occasional mall and trying her best to take care of her 15 kids. A life we can all imagine you all desperately had. On the outside it seemed Moriyyah was having the time of her life, dragging her brood to whatever she was compelled to drag them to, except something went very very wrong for Moriyyah this past Thursday night. Something very very wrong. Let’s all find out what:

Reports Cincinnati 12 New:

Police charged a Northside woman with endangering children after she left her 3-year-old in a Walmart store Thursday night and didn’t realize the girl was missing until Friday morning, when a relative told her she had seen the child on the news, according to the official complaint filed Friday in Hamilton County court.

But here’s the funny thing (well the sad thing) – Moriyyah, claims she left the child behind because she insists it wasn’t her child. Which begs the question when was the last time you took the kids out to the mall and decided that they didn’t belong to you? But this is Moriyya’s life and by now she know’s what came out of her womb, even after the 47 th child we bet Moriyya could remember the names of her little kittens. Who couldn’t?

But to add insult to injury there’s more:

According to court documents Israel was served an eviction notice less than two weeks ago.

Brian Gregg, spokesman for the Department of Job and Family Services, said two children were placed with an adult sibling, and three aunts took three children each.

Seems like Moriyyah is having the time of her life.

Israel will be arraigned on the first-degree misdemeanor charge of endangering children at 9 a.m. Saturday at the Hamilton County Justice Center.

Don’t you wish you were in Moriyyah’s position?



  1. BossLady, I find it reprehensible that you compare the Duggar family to this woman, Octomom, or anyone else. You seem to have read varying accounts about this story, and yet apparently haven’t done your homework on the self-sufficient, well-adjusted Duggar family, have you? No one had to ‘help and embrace’ the Duggars. Obviously, Moriyyah Israel has issues and needs some serious psychological and financial help, as does Octomom, so feel free to post your opinions as to how the government or we taxpayers can help people like that. The Duggars may live a life completely foreign to the rest of us, but they do it with class, dignity, and don’t ask you or me or anyone else to foot their bills. Clumping people together simply because of the number of children they have is irresponsible and judgmental.

  2. Ms.Moriyyah first off ! The fact are disstressing. That’s from a birds eye view; Much applauds to Scallywag’s Christopher Koulouris.

    Ghurron Briscoe

  3. Did you only read one account? Several I read said it was another shopper Binah was following around that did not claim her. I guess that is why the New Testament of the Bible has Mathew, Mark, Luke and John reporting the same events, each reporting minor details just a little differently, but the message, main idea the same. Moriyyah knows each and every one of her children, including the nephew she and her husband loved and were rearing as their own. Quite a heart, wouldn’t you say, to add another child to care for in spite of your own heavy load?

    To add insult to injury, why aren’t people helping and embracing this mother as they have the Duggar family with 19 children, Jon and Kate Goselyn and the octomom. They are rich and famous while this mother has been evicted and is struggling to take care of her children without fanfare. She has not had the priviledge to stay at home with luxuries given only for bearing children. She works five days a week to financially take care of her family and must return home to start working all over again.

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