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Lilo spends long weekend without booze or crack…


How to jitter on Malibu beach and shopping malls.

According to TMZ, this might be the first weekend in 9 years in Lilo’s life that she hasn’t driven by her crack dealer’s house or poked her tongue in an empty beer case, which on the whole probably counts for a good thing even if it means one sector of the Californian economy is now going through sudden withdraw symptons.

Talking of withdrawal symptons our favorite media whore has according to Lilo insiders being mulling the idea that she has to get rid of certain bad elements/friends in her life (and we were thinking the friends had to get rid of her..) and finally get a grip of reality. Which can also only be a good thing, but a bad thing for Lilo’s continued aspirations in tabloid land, after all Lilo doing blow in a strip mall in Cannes is far more entertaining than her waiting in line to watch ‘Sack in the city part 2,’ at some shopping mall. But for now Lilo will take all the sleep she can, no guessing why there kids…ho hum.


As for what Lindsay is doing, we’re told a lot of sleeping, watching TV and movies.  And shopping.  Interesting … more than one person says she desperately needs sleep.

One sheep, two Jack Daniels, two sheep, three crack bags….

Source; TMZ

Back in the US, Lilo insiders declare that Lilo will not be able to meet the judge’s bail stipulations.