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Have you tried ‘sack tapping’ yet? The new craze that’s taking place in boy’s locker rooms.


How to survive with your balls intact.

Trust Gawker to come up with this story, but really what were we expecting? The brunt; in America today there is a  new phenomenon amongst teenage boys, why, we’re not quite sure yet, we suspect a weird faux homo erotic bonding that involves young men slapping the hell out of each other’s testicles. To be sure it’s not a game we are at all interested in, but then again we are not 17 year old boys looking for other 17 year old boy’s validation. The painful details below if you can stand it. Ouch!


“Sack tapping” is the new painful craze sweeping the nation’s teen boys. That is: punching each other in the balls. One child had his right ball amputated because he was punched so hard in it. Prepare to wince.

Which reminds this author of a ‘fun’ game we used to play when I was a young lad in Australia called ‘poling.’ Poling if you are curious would involve been held by 4 boys- (one for each arm and leg) while they charged with your legs wide open towards the nearest brittle pole they could find.

Teenage boys are running around high schools punching each other in the testicles! And that’s not all: They are uploading videos of this to the Internet: A search on YouTube reveals hundreds of videos of young boys, teens, and even members of the U.S. Navy, catching a friend unaware with a quick punch or slap to the genitals.

For some reason or another when we played poling, we never bothered video taping, but then again when I was a young man there was no such thing as reality stars or Jon Gosselin either.

Today, sack tapping has changed from the elegant Darwinist exercise it once was. These kids are just going around, willy-nilly, punching each other in the balls and then uploading this to YouTube as a badge of honor! Clearly, sack tapping is suffering from the same breakdown of social order that scuttled bowling clubs and Elks lodges in an earlier era.

That’s the thing with balls, us guys are always infatuated with them, and as long they’re going to be hanging around, boys being boys will always go out of their way to find a clever way to define their masculinity, even if it confuses them. Expect to have your balls kicked by stranger soon too…

Source; Gawker.



  1. Ooh the new Olympic sport circa 2016! But I don’t see nothing Fo Ho Mo about it at all, it’s ALL Ho Mo – hidden/deflected (!)/desperate, that is. I never considered myself “infatuated” with nutts [like “cahhhck” instead of “dick” I’ve always hated the word “balls” referencing same], but I do like ’em – which is why der slappin’ & kickin’ thereof don’t light the night for my delight. But it ain’t no new phenom that them as have problems with their Ho Mo sexuality vent it in odd, um, ball ways – either chickenshit-coward bullying [which approach did wonders for Bobby Kent] or that tried-and-true locker room Horse Play [the one I was in in the 8th grade was a seething pit of barely-restrained ass/dick grabbing] – but in this day & age of disgusting CBT comes now a 21st-century public-display variation that promises lifelong injury. “Fun, I’ll bet” [not] – but unlike these Sexually Confused critters with their grotesque parody of ancient Greek sporting contests, when that old locker-room jostling segwayed into Private Matters, the groaning that resulted wasn’t from our nutts having been punched stupidly. May this total dumbness die a quick death before a dumbass participant does.

  2. Do not judge me, but friends and I would do this all the time in highschool. It was called Bag Tag. Glorious game, until we read about testicular torsion. Ohh makes me cringe thinking about it

  3. OUCH! Balls tightening up just thinkin’ about a random slap at the beach today. Maybe I’ll get excited from this public display of CBT. “

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