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Sara Green- Finding her own voice.


SG: One of them is called “Better off on my own,” and the other is called “This is the last time.” Each song is about finding the courage to find one’s self, to not have to depend on a man to define you.

SCV: They sound like heart felt lessons?

SG: Oh they are. I think when I sit down to write a song these days, I ‘m always asking myself- what is it that I learned that I never knew before. What thing did I rescue myself from and turn towards.

SCV: What did you rescue yourself from?

SG: I was in an abusive relationship and I could never seem to walk away. I would keep giving all these chances and in the end it came down to me finding the courage to take my own stand and define me for me.

SCV:That doesn’t sound very pop?

SG: That’s because my music isn’t intended as pop. I think the industry is falling all over each other to pump out the next hit that most songs that come out end up sounding like the one before them and frankly devoid of any soul, and I think if a body of work is going to have any resonance it has to move you first before it really moves the listener.

SCV: I’m curious how would you describe your brand of music?

SG: It’s a melange. R and B, soul, funk. I’ve always been inspired by Stevie Wonder, even folk and country music.

SCV: I understand before you committed to being a singer you were training to be a psychologist when one day you decided you couldn’t go on with it.

SG: I wanted to use it as a way of overcoming problems, not just mine, but other peoples too, and I felt I wanted to give back to the world and yet the more I got into it the more oppressive it became for me. It wasn’t until a later date through music could I find the healing that I was seeking to affect. Somehow through my singing I can get to express my vulnerability.

SCV: I’m curious so here you are in NYC, producing with a major label (which I am not allowed to disclose until the record comes out). How did you go from feeling dis-empowered and defeated to the totally opposite? And in a way would you argue that has gone a long way to you making that goose pimple creating music?

SG: I think if you want the truth, I had to go on a journey, figure things out my way. That in order for me to believe in myself and get to this level I had to break who I was and re build myself.

SCV: So no overnight story?

SG: I think it’s those stories that take a while to play out that make the most compelling story.

It’s at this moment when Sarah is called back into the recording room that the goose pimples which had by now long gone were suddenly starting to play up again. If there is anyone to watch out for- it’s this young lady. The music when it finally comes out will tear you apart…only as much as her life has torn her apart- either way, Sarah Green is  one to watch out for.



  1. After reading the piece on Sara Green. I was quite taken on how she’s triumph through disenchantment with love & career which has lead to becoming a songstress. With much anticapation my ears are ready to hear her take on life!

    Ghurron Briscoe

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