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Party Photographers (and the socialites that sleep with them).


Patrick McMullan and Tinsley Mortimer

When Jennifer Wright, deputy editor of The Gloss presented me with this gem I just couldn’t stop salivating and then I wondered for a moment why am I the sudden recipient of all of society’s nasty’s, leaked emails, unscrupulous photos, secret phone calls and then I remembered it’s because I am the king of sleaze and media whores. That said, enjoy this little gem, I just hope Patrick McMullan won’t aim his camera on top of my head next time I see him out...- Scallywag.

Want to have sex with a socialite? You don’t need to be billionaire. Just buy a camera.

In New York, having the perfect picture taken by the right social photographer brings the publicity-crazed socialite ego gratification, celebrity among her set and even the fame that comes with a reality show. And some of Manhattan’s ladies are willing to do just about anything to reach those dizzying heights.

“I see socialites literally hurling themselves at Billy Farrell,” remarks the perennially stylish man-about-town Peter Davis. Billy works for Patrick McMullan Company (PMc), the ne plus ultra of society photographers. Outlets like this abound throughout Manhattan; however, most focus on celebrities, while Patrick and his team zoom in on the social scene. Billy concurs with Peter, “There are always some people who’ll follow me through the party. I’m always dealing with one or two, and it’s so ridiculous to me.”

Some desperate ladies are hurling themselves in a downward direction, if you judge from the rumors about the society matron who recently   got down on her knees for a party photographer in the bathroom of a chic downtown hotel. One source reports, “I heard [she] took [a young PMc photographer aside], pulled him into the bathroom, and told him he could do anything he wanted to her – anything! – as long as he took her picture afterwards. And, you know, she had a chance to reapply her make-up, because God knows she needs it at this point.”

In her thinly-veiled fact-passing-as-fiction book Gilding Lily, Tatiana Boncampagni described a certain mentality among the striving set: “Why hire a publicist when you can suck paparazzi dick instead?” Manhattan Society’s and Social Life Magazine’s photographer Christopher London confirms that he has been presented with the bathroom quid-pro-quo by a now well-known socialite and says, “I love women, but I won’t do that.  My significance as a social documentarian will likely decline because of my unwillingness to continue to participate in this sick game.”

The anything goes attitude is reflected in party pictures, as socialites begin to forsake the tried-and-true hand-on-hip swivel for raunchier, more suggestive – and more attention grabbing – poses. Consider some of the shots of Emma Snowdon-Jones, whose provocative



  1. I am a female event photographer and I have to say that this behavior is not just found with female socialites. I wish your story touched upon female photographers getting propositioned by male socialites as well…

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