Home Fashion “I am Brooklyn,” (BKFW) Brooklyn Fashion Weekend 2010- a delicious disaster.

“I am Brooklyn,” (BKFW) Brooklyn Fashion Weekend 2010- a delicious disaster.

Pantora Spring 2010, BKFW 2010.

As we approached the half way act and a bunch of other designers I will spare the reader from (although to be fair a collection by 16 year old high school students showed some faint promise and rigorous guidance might see one of them one them making it one day, yes the world is cruel- blah!) half the room had slowly begun to dissipate outdoors some out of frustration others for sheer ventilation. Of course that didn’t stop the die hards amongst us sitting through another plethora of hip hop acts, which left some of us smiling and most of groaning, not withstanding one guest who whilst sitting front row who suddenly wanted to get up on the planks and dance before being mercilessly hissed at by 600 paparazzi.

By this stage the world was beginning to wonder if the Real Housewives of NY – Alex McCord and Simon Van Kempen would ever show up as they were the production’s featured (no show) hosts. But sometimes life is like ‘Waiting for Godot,’ and so we waited for Godot as the next acts started stumbling down the runway. One felt by this stage even the show’s MC – the delightful Dee Vasquez had also given up hope and long gone bored of looking at her watch…


If there was a new designer who showed promise it was Pantora, with romantic pleated chiffon tunics and over lapping vests and textures and girls who had actually practiced hitting the runway before the show actually began, the audience was relieved at least this designer could hold her own. With polished casual lines, and girls who actually reminded this author of actual working models, the audience was intrigued and even though half the front row had (sadly) left by now, those of us who were still there were touched by Pantora’s efforts. The overflowing bridal train was a delight and meticulously conceived. My prediction, another 2 seasons and this designer will sort out the kinks and will become a household name, at least Mr Rick Davy had the notion to identify a few capable designers and Pantora were it.

Pantora Spring 2010, BKFW 2010.
Pantora Spring 2010, BKFW 2010.



  1. Hi Scallywag, we were in a little room next to the changing rooms since 7pm. Simon kept asking everyone including Ricky Davy when to go up and we were told to wait. I came out a few time to take pictures of the show and was surprised that the timeline for the entire event for skewed. I wished we were in Cherry Hill, it would have been more fun I suppose.


    p.s. did you get a chance to check out the pictures on my fb page. the entire set of images from the fashion show are at the link;


  2. I also loved the young model, Gina Cattanach, who walked for Terri Stevens and Alicia Trimble. She had the walk and attitude of a Super Model. It’s too bad the industry discounts people who are not tall enough! There are many designers missing out on a great young model!

  3. I walked for DAS KOMITTEE, TERRY STEVENS, ALISHA TRIMBLE and ANDREA PITTER and the audience clapped for me=)

  4. I enjoyed Terri Stevens collection.. I thought the young model who walked was fantastic.
    Also, i don’t see any pictures from Alisha Trimble, why?

  5. Sorry, I guess i misinterpreted this line.

    “By this stage, humanity was not on Das Komittee’s side and the hissing from the paparazzi continued and the audience couldn’t barely hold their attention.”

  6. No in fact I have been rather accurate on all counts.

    To reiterate there was no hissing or booing during Das Komittee’s presentation. Not once do I claim during that designer’s showing was there disregard from members of the press. Although to be honest half of them were by then half asleep and resigned to the ill organizing of the show. The designer itself put up a brave front in fact.

    With respects to Terri Steven’s this is what I had to say:

    Terri Stevens who simply bored the hell out of us and should never have been invited in the first place. Boring, trite and save for the occasional gold sequined jacket, a complete waste of time and aggravated assault on the audiences sensibilities.

    I trust things are clearer now.

  7. The writer obviously took some liberties with embellishments. I was there and I did not hear hissing and booing during Das Komitee’s presentation. In fact, her designs were the only ones that recieved applause. I also note that designer Terry Steven’s work was not mentioned when she was one of the stronger designers.

  8. When you say you were with Alex and Simon, was that at some restaurant in Cherry Hill, NJ? The mc- Dee Vasquez must have asked for Alex and Simon at least 89 times, and not once did we see the visage of their shiny selves, The first time humanity got a glimpse of the Tom and Jerry show wasn’t until 10.45, which by then no one cared.

    Why these silly misrepresentations of the truth?

  9. I was one of the photographers who was at the fashion show. I was with Alex, Simon and Derek and we were all waiting to be called since 7pm. It was a fun event but things did get late because of music performers taking a little longer with their acts. I will be posting pictures from the even on my website as well as FB soon. Check them out.


  10. I enjoyed the Plus Size models. Fat asses or not they were all beautiful.


  11. The photos are horrible! Who shot that? Why didn’t you get shots from a real runway photographer instead of some low life paps?

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