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Woman killed by subway train trying to retrieve her purse.

Please never get in the way of an oncoming subway...

Some things you should just never do, one of those things includes trying to retrieve something that falls onto the subway tracks. In fact the ads up and down the subways warn against it, but then again not everyone understands what’s at stake until it’s all too late.

The gruesome facts as they appear from NY Post:

A woman was crushed to death by an oncoming subway train at the 77th Street Station in Manhattan this afternoon after she jumped on the tracks to retrieve her dropped purse, police said. The horrific incident occurred on the crowded northbound platform shortly before 4 p.m. when the woman, described by police as 48-years-old, somehow ended up on the tracks as a train barreled towards her.

Can you only imagine the feeling this woman was feeling at that very moment as the train is approaching…? But what to do as the train comes closer and closer?

As the No. 6 train headed towards the woman, onlookers screamed to her to lie down between the tracks.

The fear, the desperation…

The motorman sounded his horn eight times to warn her, witnesses said.

The confusion, the terror…

Other witnesses said it appeared that she was trying to climb back up..

What to do? the train getting closer…

The woman then pressed herself against the platform wall — which only provides several inches of space between the wall and the train

And that’s when her life ended. And then the real pandemonium ensued:

“All I saw was her head sticking out. She was stuck where the door is,” she said. It was chaos on the platform as straphangers shrieked with horror upon seeing the shredded parts of her body, witnesses said.

Why don’t people just pay attention? Is it ever really worth to put yourself in such a risk. Oh the horror…

The woman, Rose M. Mankos, was a lawyer who had previously worked for the state, the authorities said.- NY Times




  1. I think it’s odd that this story showed up on the internet via a New York Post article, but other media providers kind of ignored it. I never saw the obligatory interviews of the witnesses on television. I worked for ABC for a number of years and they generally avoided covering suicides.I didn’t see any ABC coverage of this. I have to agree with scrapelli, that perhaps this was a suicide and the woman changed her mind or got confused. The whole thing doesn’t make sense and it makes even less sense that there is no video or interviews with co-workers. family, or friends. . So sorry for the woman either way.

  2. What was she doing, hanging out close enough to the edge to drop anything?

    The PROPER place to stand is AWAY from the edge! I have seen thousands of people “adjusting” their “things” while they are way back against the WALL. Then, when they approach the open doors of the train, they have a firm grim on their “stuff.”

    Those NERVOUS NELLIE NUTZ who insist on looking up the tunnel to see if a train is coming are crazy and they make others anxious too! As if staring into a black hole changes anything! And, it is dangerous since anyone can be overcome by a fainting spell and lose their balance! There should be a fine for anyone who comes within a yard of the edge before an actual train to board has entered the space. You just have to be CRAZY to be hanging out on the edge of the platform. Was she a closet suicide? It will always look that way to some!

  3. I am aghast at how the train horn can be blared 8 times, onlookers can scream to the woman to lie down in the middle of the track, and there was still time for her to attempt to climb back up. Where the HELL were the New Yorkers? I am 125 pounds and I witnessed a woman in the tracks one time retrieving her cell. She was on the shorter side so she slid back down as she attempted to climb onto the platform. I wasted not a second, dropped my personal belongings, and dragged her up by myself. Was the woman who died yesterday 300 lbs? If not, she should have lived regardless of her hasty decision. Why didn’t anyone drag her back up? A damn shame is all one can say. Seems to follow the same trend of New Yorkers either looking the other way or remaining inactive.

  4. I believe the article begins with a woman attempting to retrieve her purse from the subway tracks…

    Read the article again Peter, I wrote it in English…

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