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Rew n’ Who? Liam McMullan makes us run for our lives.

Patrick and Liam McMullan. The secrets we think Liam keeps to himself...

The tragic things that happen on You Tube.

Liam McMullan probably never meant for you to see this but having said that- it’s out there in the public stratasphere – we decided that if you thought your life is wretched, Liam can always one up you. 

That said have a look at the horrible mess below, we can only speculate if Liam was awake or asleep when he actually opened his mouth to sing. At least the girl next to him had the good decency not to face the camera, because even she realized that this would one day come back and haunt her…

Oh well, we can all look back one day and fondly reflect on our personal messes, but at least Liam had the decency to share his with you. Today.

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  • ReW

    i *LuV* these two…
    i feel oddly related..xxx


    Some times “talentless freaks” are really Douchy haters that keeps logging onto this site to write things about Liam, this “Talentless freak” guy is obviously on his dick. Anyone that keeps tabs like that needs to stop stalking people that aren’t even famous and get Life, and a job, unless that person gets paid for writing this is the only possibility that makes sense. First of all the sound quality was obviously not Liam’s fault. I saw him and Aesha at Hiro and they were better. Liam is a profound writer w/ a bas ass rock-star voice he plays the guitar like a badass 2 and everyone Loves him and his music… except this freak who is obviously has way too much free time hence he will probably have something to say to this too! Liam obviously didn’t give much of a fuck and it shows. Fuck you scallywag haters!

  • Liam: you have absolutely no talent. You need to give your guitar to someone who can play it and the voice, well how do I put this politely, when Alvin & the Chipmunks have a need for a new band mate perhaps you can have some powerful friends to pull some strings to get you an audition.

  • Liam McMullan

    Beware of men with Mustaches and websites. jk I’ve got enough piss to go around, without ever getting pissed, no hard feelings. post my comment unless you dont want me to alienate your two subscribers. jk again all in fun

  • This is what happens when you spend too much time out in the spotlight getting way more attention than you deserve for no apparent reason, other than the fact that your father is a fame salesman. Farting in the bathtub makes a more pleasant sound.

  • Liam, does drugs? I had no idea…

  • Patty

    The girl you are writing about is Aesha(his fiance). Do the research lol

  • wow

    can u say drugs?