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Just Desserts for One Photographer- Dustin Wayne Harris.


This is Dustin’s second premiere in as many weeks. His first showing, A New Career in a New Town, premiered at APF Lab, on Wooster Street. Dustin was surprised by the healthy turnout; Heist was packed from wall to wall with friends, followers and aficionados. But then, Talia Eisenberg always knows how to throw a party.  Cake and frosty beverages were on hand for visitors to Heist. (I was quite pleased to see Sadie Weis in attendance, who has apparently been doing well–and selling work–since her own show in February.)

It’s worth mentioning that this will be the final showing for the Essex St gallery; they are moving on to bigger and better locales.  How fitting that their swansong came with dessert!

Finally, when asked about his feelings on Marie Antoinette… Harris had no comment.

Cake Mixx will reside in Heist through April 18th.

C Miller.
Brad Leinhardt, Talia Eisenberg, Peter Ruprecht


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