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Insider Society Baseball- The shocking rise of Rachelle Hruska.


The people who pull the puppet strings just need a friendly face who will say something all too predictable. Why? Not to provide insightful analysis or commentary but to get blog cross links. This is why the mainstream media in America and many of the people who the average citizen considers so called real writers are a bunch of shills who promote others who are similarly compromised with allegiances to something other than the truth.

God bless America. They protected us by getting Dan Rather out of CBS but we have Rachelle Hruska when they need to get insider scoop on the Madoff’s, Noels and Wall Street. Yeah, the security of our republic is totally safe with the hawk eyes of these “skilled journalists and social commentators.”  Hell why go to the Columbia School of Journalism, get a real job in the media, or work in fact finding, forensics or have any understanding and experience of the world at large when all you need to do is have blonde hair, bright eyes, look good in a little black dress and have walked by Wall Street on your way to your Receptionist gig before you became a “New Media Entrepreneur”

The American Media now wants to quote bimbo’s rather than knowledgeable folks. Jimmy Breslin, Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather-yuckie they are old, dead or gross looking and do not look good in Keith Lissner and Jimmy Choo.

So while we dismiss and wave goodbye to American Icons we welcome in their place, Style-Cons; after all empty vessels are so much easier to dress. Indeed, welcome to new media…if that’s what you want to call it.



  1. Wasn’t she a coat check girl? And this is where people are getting their information and opinions from?
    Plus her editing is shit. It’s amazing that people would put any value into such a poorly edited website.

    On a side note – why are her eyes always opened so widely?

  2. Rachelle has used many people in NYC in a disgusting and tactless manner. Her site should be taken off the internet, what comes around goes around baby. Looks like you are finally receiving your dose with much more to come. Poor baby.

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