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Devorah Rose: Villainess or Victim?


Devorah Rose. Image source; Gawker.

what do you think that suggests about the state of media in current culture?

DR: Very little of what is written about me is true. There is this caricature that has been created online – woven from sound bites taken from guest appearances on shows and mixed with extra sensationalism in order to bring attention to a website. In no small part because of what I have witnessed in TV, magazines, newspapers, and on the internet, one of the projects I plan on spearheading is a media literacy program that I would love to one day see implemented in schools. The public needs to understand that the various forms of media are texts, not guides. They need to be interpreted and understood, never simply accepted as the truth.

As I’ve said, technology has de-professionalized journalism. So what we’re really discussing are entertainment blogs and entertainment papers. Very little real news exists today. But ultimately, entertainment is what people crave and that is what they are willing to pay money for, so we the consumers are really at the heart of the problem.

SCV: What did you hope to realize when you agreed to star in the show? Now that you have seen what is happening, what are your feelings?

DR: It seemed like it would be a fun experience and I was really looking for a distraction from a very sad and serious time that my family was experiencing. I have to say that the process of filming was way more intense than I had bargained for. But, as they say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I learned a lot about certain people I had previously thought I knew…

SCV: Does hostility and conflict against perceived bogey figures (like you) make for great press? And if so why are you relentlessly and perhaps unfairly manifested as the bogeyman?

DR: It’s hurtful to witness the creation and proliferation of a fake meme about me. I’ve been unjustly pilloried as a means to bring traffic to a website. That’s just not right.



  1. Definitely shameless villainess !!!
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  2. She’s alright, just needs to Back out of the Social Scene, get some Real Mental Substance

    prostitution Definitely Catching up to Her….

  3. With respect to class and Tinsley Mortimer, this is what Devorah recently had to say;

    So, Tins: You can fool Gawker, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Vogue and so many others into thinking you are some kind of model of sophistication when you really have the morals, will power and hunger for camera time of a drunken co-ed flashing a Girls Gone Wild camera. I can see what you are really like and I only hope that others come around.


  4. In terms of Ms. Devorah Rose, despite my not understanding or always appreciating her fame dance in the reality circuit has done something that few of these cats have done, which is to compete in an intensively competitive environment with folks who have a greater infrastructure of support, media empires and a network of rich powerful friends to promote them. While Devorah well knows my distaste for much of the reality genre, since she does not fit this caricature of an it girl or come from the most powerful of New York families and does not have Godfathers opening up doors and promoting her at every turn, that she has managed to make something out of nothing is to her credit. Let’s remind ourselves, this is an industry that has made Ramona “Crazy Eyes” Singer a household name while another “Stepford Wife” in Rachelle Hruska has vaulted to media prominence. Moreover, there is more Democracy at Social Life Magazine than alot of publications, filled with people with many contrary views of the world and of each other. Nevertheless, my belief is that if these folks truly figure out the deal with Devorah and Devorah can deal with less camera face time, she is someone who would likely be quite adept behind the scenes and my gutt is that production is where she will ultimately end up. Fact is that not many of the women you could interview could put a string of coherent sentences together or communicate as precisely as Ms. Rose

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