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Canteen Magazine: The amazing fibs literary people come up with.


Pam and Arthur Lehman.

Catching up with Arthur Lehman again (the lout in question, Mr Alan Miller, proposed that I come along to one of his salon series which I most certainly will…) we talked about the virtues of poetry and the persona of the love poem. “I used to write about unrequited love,” he pauses to consider. “But that’s before I married Pam.” A quizzical look by Mrs Lehman had this author once again sauntering back to the bar where he probably made a mild fool of himself in the presence of the bartender, the lovely Rozalia Jovanovic of literary journal Rumpus.net, the equally lovely Ann DeWitt of Gigantic mag and Mr Paul Morris of Bomb magazine, whom I suspect was being more sillier than this particular dilettante.

All in all, it was a wonderful evening, and a cursory good bye (apology?) to both Stephen Pierson and Sean Finney had me firmly convinced that this duo are ones to watch out for. As for the unrequited love bit, please Arnold Lehman, that’s just a big fib, ’cause frankly we all love you!’ A splendid evening, I’m sure our bartender would agree…

By the way, I was later told by Stephen Pierson that Bjork & Matthew Barney were present. Thinking he was fibbing, I went over the photos and realized that indeed they were there (pg 3). Oh well, less drinking it seems for this dilettante and once again Mr Pierson a stellar event, of course I wont mind if you one day fed me the occasional fib. Blah…!