Home Visual Arts Winter Wickedness Event at Chelsea Art Museum.

Winter Wickedness Event at Chelsea Art Museum.

Images courtesy of Mike Strapp.

As I walked into the Chelsea Art Museum for the Young Associates (YA) Winter Wickedness event, the first thing I noticed was not the art—it was the action.

I saw movement everywhere. People milled about, drinks in hand, and every wall seemed to be an artist’s work-in-progress: be it through paint, pencil or projector. Art wasn’t just being exhibited, it was being produced… right before your eyes.

One artist painted the colorful head of a recently de-tusked elephant; another drew what appeared to be a guy with eight-millimeter film coming out of his face (the subject looked understandably miffed at his affliction). But the party’s most popular installation was at the back of the gallery.

On the wall was a black box, approximately 15 feet square, projected from what appeared to be a command center about 30 feet away. Inside the box: small white dots uniformly placed throughout… little pinpricks of light. When someone moved within the box, the white dots would stretch and writhe unpredictably, as if magnetically drawn to the movement.

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