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The Amicable Divorce That Was Anything But


Image Source: The Daily Mail
Image Source: The Daily Mail

Divorce lawyers are in the business of making money off your back.

Here’s a story about a couple who decided to seek an amicable divorce, and it nearly worked, except when the wife decided to seek a lawyer’s opinion.

Reports the UK Daily Mail:

When Barry Cohen and his wife Susan decided to separate, they both hoped their divorce would remain as amicable as possible.

Indeed, so civilised was their stance that they even sat down over a cup of tea and totted up the value of their assets, which included seven properties and a fleet of five Rolls-Royces.

Then, with everything set out on paper, they agreed a figure that Barry would give to Susan by way of settlement.

With both having employed local solicitors to see them through the process, things were, as they say, progressing smoothly. Until, that is, Susan decided to seek a second opinion from another law firm.

What follows was anything but amicable. Continues the report:

‘Barry and I were pushed to the brink, emotionally and financially, and ended up despising each other. Worst of all, the settlement this firm got me was actually slightly less than Barry had originally offered, even though at the time I employed them they told me Barry’s offer was far less than I was truly due, and they would get me a much better deal.

‘And the process has left us about £150,000 worse off in legal fees. All that these solicitors care about is making money.’

Does this story remind you of a story that recently happened to you or someone you know? Not sure? Well there’s more:

Almost immediately, the aggressive stance of the new firm became apparent. Susan was informed that for their ‘strategy’ to work, she must no longer have any direct contact with Barry, and all correspondence must go through them.

Susan recalls: ‘It seemed a bit much, especially as Barry and I have a child and business interests together. But these people are professionals, so I thought I’d better do as they advised.’

Professionals. Money-grubbing professionals. Best do as advised…

Accusations rapidly began to fly between both sides, with the first being that Barry had ‘bulldozed’ his wife into agreeing the value of their properties – something they both say was never the case.

‘My lawyers also implied regularly that Barry was devious and was not to be trusted, that he was controlling me and that he was doing everything he could to ensure I got as little money as possible,’ says Susan.

Oh well, at least they got what they wanted. The divorce, right?

Source: The Daily Mail