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Nobody loves J-Lo anymore. Let the tears fly!


The hazards of being a media whore.

Things are getting kind of un-lucky for Jennifer Lopez and like you we are terribly worried that we wont be seeing this hot little starlet prancing in ‘Tinseltown’ anymore. Why? Let’s all find out…

According to Gawker who are apparently in the business of de-throning celebrities and media personalities here is the scoop:

She hasn’t had a good song or a hit movie in years, and now her record label dropped her and the opening of her new movie has been repeatedly pushed back. It’s official, J to the Lo. You’re done.

Wow!- Should we be worried? Well Gawker is. Let’s read on together…

So, sorry, Ms. Lopez, we’re through with you. You can’t sell a track and you can’t open a film. Also, you’re bland, boring, and otherwise not as talented as plenty of the other people who are competing for our ever-diminishing attention. We’re not going to care about your movies or songs. We’re not going to read about your babies or break-ups. We’re not going to follow the “10 Steps to JLo’s Butt” article in Shape. You’re over.

So if Gawker says it’s so- it must be true? Right? Gawker are after all the king of crap and yet we all know that they own crystal balls and can predict when you wont care about J-Lo anymore.

Our bet, don’t count on it. J-Lo is here to stay, and whether Gawker or other media tyrants hate her or not this little number ain’t going away anytime soon, just like unfortunately Gawker.


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  • lol…I read this on Gawker and loved it!

    I think that J Lo is suffering from a lack of relevancy and poor producing partners. She needs to rip a page from Madonna and learn to re-invent herself again, or decide to fade away like Gloria Estefan did in Miami. It just goes to show you what a vacuous place Miami is…that’s where she’s been isn’t it?

    She’s been passed by the Shakira’s of the world. She’s unfortunately too old to be young and too young to be old, but Gawker did get it right when they mention our ever diminishing attention…she had it and lost it.

    Beyonce should keep an eye on J Lo’s career as she decides to “take time off”…will we care when she comes back? And why is that some celebs just never go away…LiLo anyone?!