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Moncler Grenoble fall/winter 2010.

Photography by Jay Li. Moncler Grenoble Fall 2010.

With its Moncler Grenoble Fall/Winter 2010 collection, famed ski-wear brand Moncler launched a new line meant for the city as well as the slopes. As far as presentations go, this one can be rightly considered a spectacle. It featured 100 models on four layers of scaffolding at the Pier 59 Gold Club, neatly divided into groups by outfit. Throughout the presentation, bouncing spotlights hovered on different groups of models in time with the music.

The clothing was to be expected of Moncler, but it had a more striking, fashionable bent than the brand’s traditional ski-wear. Indeed, while the collection incorporated the traditional shiny down material it’s known for, there were also slim-cut trousers and three-quarter zip pullovers for après ski, as well as an assortment of hats, gloves, boots, and winter shorts for men.

Women’s coats were markedly more inventive than usual. One resembled a 50s-style dress with a tightly cinched waistband and another was a modern-day shrunken fall jacket in puffer form. As for color, most pieces were rendered in a deep brown, with charcoal grey and standby black close behind.



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