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Actor and Retard Rip Torn can’t help entertaining America.


Once a lout always a lout…

Poor Rip Torn, who would have ever believed that walking into a bank with a loaded barrel of lead, in the honest belief that it was really your front door, should cause America to have the biggest laugh its had since the Three Stooges hit the collective consciousness.

With the incredible story that Rip seriously believed that the bank he was breaking into was really him just trying to break back into his house after a fun evening of debauchery and avid drinking, one has to wonder if he’s just trying to bluff us with some synonymous mental insane story, or in fact this is just the way Rip likes to hang when he’s not making blockbuster movies.

Reports the NY Post, who themselves are unable to quite make out what to do with Rip:

A glum-looking and disheveled Torn walked into the courtroom with his wrists and ankles shackled to several other prisoners — wearing cowboy boots, dark pants and a Navy blue jacket.

Glum indeed. Oh well…But here’s the piece of information we really like:

According to one source, Torn figured he had made significant progress by cutting back from four pints of alcohol a day to a single pint.

Rip, you are the ninth wonder of the world. Who really knows what to do with you? Bungling bank robber or just bungling out-of-control drunk?

The moral of the story- Rip is a retard, but as Americans we’ll never get tired of loving this good old fool…

Source: NY Post