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Was Michael Mineo sodomized by police?


sodomy250A cop’s word vs a career criminal.

Here are the facts. Michael Mineo a career criminal is suing the city for $440 million for what he claims to be a brutal sodomy assault at the behest of the police. The police on the other hand are countering that the incident never happened. Who is telling the truth and how did we arrive at this point?

According to the NY Post:

The Brooklyn man who claims cops sodomized him inside a Flatbush subway station calmly told jurors this morning how the officers tackled him to the ground, cuffed him and kicked him before violating him with a retractable baton.

“I felt a hard object being forced into my crack,” said Michael Mineo, 25, calmly directing his gaze at jurors and avoiding the stares of the three officers on trial. “It was pain. I was disorientated. I saw white light. … It was one, two, three, then it stopped for a second, then I felt it go in, penetrate.”

Ok so that is apparently how it went down according to Mineo but how do the police see it? Well in fact to date they have refused to answer anything and deny everything. Of course what can’t be denied is the following:

“Look, you help me out, I help you out,” he said Kern (one of the indicted officers) told him. “If we let you go, you can’t go to a precinct or a hospital. But if you do, we have your address. We’ll put a felony on you.”

Prosecutors introduced into evidence a the summons the cops issued Mineo for disorderly conduct — a bogus ticket they say was Mineo’s “reward” for promising not to report the incident.

Bogus ticket or not here is the big question why would Mineo make something like this up and why if is Mineo such a career criminal wasn’t he served earlier? Assuming he wasn’t served cause a deal was put into place?

In any event the next few weeks will prove interesting as the inquiry begins to gather steam.