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The rise of the celebrity bitch.



Some female celebrities flaunt their inner bitch. Some try to hide it. We don’t know which camp the next breakout starlet will belong to, but one thing is certain: she will be a bitch. Fortunately, those who make their money telling the rest of us who’s screwing whom in Hollywood know just how to handle both.

The first archetype is the most common. Most women in media don’t seem to mind if you think they aren’t nice, just as long as you’re still thinking about them. We love to hate on famous mean girls like Megan Fox, Lindsay Lohan, and Anna Wintour without pausing to question whether we’re talking about Megan the person or Megan the PR creation. Either way, it’s easy being mean.

It’s a cultivated personality that involves both the media and the celebrity itself. They’re both like parasites in that they know they feed off each other, but ultimately who’s being fed on is the public at large which is given a regurgitated industry formula to chew on. Of course if we know anything about the public, it’s that the public is addicted to starchy sugary food and metaphorically female celebs fall into that camp. It’s a tough guy persona but only geared for the female action hero looking for 24/7 attention and the allure of the cash register. She’s a woman destined and as much as we applaud female autonomy there is something about society that is quick to bring down a woman if she doesn’t behave in a way that is deemed appropriate. But the again why bother with appropriate if perceived bad behavior brings one close to the chocolate iced pudding.