Home Scandal and Gossip Scott Baio is no longer welcomed in America.

Scott Baio is no longer welcomed in America.


scott250When an ex hunk steps into a pile of dog poo.

Looks like Scott Baio will soon be applying to live in Canada. Why? Let’s all find out…

Ex-“Happy Days” star Scott Baio says he’s received a barrage of death threats after he mocked Michelle Obama on Twitter.

Baio, 48, posted an unflattering picture of the First Lady on Tuesday accompanied by some even more unflattering remarks.

“WOW He wakes up to this every morning,” Baio tweeted.

Oh Scott- did you really say that? And don’t you realize in your ex position of Fonzi’s pseudo boyfriend -Cha Chi (which rhymes with dog shit) and alter ego that you were forever destined to be cool and not once cast a mis step from that illusion? Of course it gets better for Cha Chi-

Baio backtracked immediately, saying he’s not a racist. His wife’s best friend is black.

Guess what Cha Chi my next door neighbor is black, so is my ex girlfriend and 90 percent of Africa. Cha Chi can we suggest British Columbia- the snow flakes should keep you out of trouble.


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