Home Nightlife Nolcha team up with ‘Models International’ at the Empire Hotel.

Nolcha team up with ‘Models International’ at the Empire Hotel.

Photography by James Palmer.

In lieu of the upcoming Nolcha fashion week in February Scallywag and Vagabond headed out this past Thursday to make sense of the chic revelry been experienced by the guys and gals over at International Models and of course the man behind Nolcha – Arthur Mandel.

As usual we came across the very much adored JohnThompson of Models International whom we are always very fond of and his cohort partying up. That said charmed, and acquiescing to John’s demand’s to drink (and we did, or at least I did…) I couldn’t help but notice the wide turn out and the occasional model sashaying past as one after the other they came, danced, greeted Johnny and ignored me…Oh well, from there it was a catch up session with Arthur Mandel who assures me the upcoming collections are going to be a knock out and that even now putting it together has been a consumed labor of love.

As guests continued to stroll in and take in the wonderful vista of the Empire Hotel penthouse sweep view I couldn’t help but think that the Nolcha collections are once again going to be a charmer and no doubt some new talent will be discovered and maybe if I turn up to the collections maybe just maybe one of the models might notice me. (I assume Arthur will offer me front row thank you very much!) But if they don’t I still might end up living somehow. Thanks for the all the fun and drinks- Johnny and Arthur!!

Arthur Mandel in center.

DSC_0091Scallywag and John Thompson.

Nolcha Collections star at the Czech Consulate.

Models International Celebrates ‘Gifts for Gorgeous.’

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