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‘Ladylike,’ Swedish babes sing as sweet as they look.



On the shoot I noticed they brought some traveling or “costume” clothing which ranged from Top Shop to Gucci.  I know what it’s like, when I traveled for work (past life of a banker) I would keep my Richard James – Savile Row suits at home and bring my Loro Piana ones just incase the luggage didn’t make it (and on occasion two lovely female IMG Models, but that’s a different story). I asked what their most exciting “traveling while working” experience was so far.  They had this to say:  “We have done all the craziest television shows and interviews you can imagine, like a Japanese TV show, you have seen those crazy ones right?  Once the producers even sent us out into the jungle for a weekend where we stayed in cabins or huts, met the native aboriginal people and rode elephants. We brought our high heels and dresses, it was a freak show! We also got a lot of stalkers down there. They got really committed and never stop writing to us. We love our fans there!”

Yes, fans and stalkers, that seems to be the beginning course of fame or stardom with the public.  I’m still waiting for mine.  I’m open to any female stalkers, preferably 5’10, blonde, green eyes and size 2 dress?  I do have a few fans of my writing, wait – those are my mom and my publisher, oh well.

Ladylike already has had numerous managers and agents approaching them for representation but as they said, “The great thing about being a fresh start up band is that we are independent. No one has control over us and we are free to do whatever.” I second that motion, hear.  Free to do “whatever” and be independent.  It seems Ladylike is positioned correctly for further success as time progresses. They aspire to become deeper involved in merchandising and marketing their group while furthering their sponsorships for charities as their success increases.

But it hasn’t all been fancy boats and work while vacationing.  There have been many personal hurdles and decision making while growing their group’s awareness from port to port.  Isabelle became ill with Swine Flu while in Asia and was so weak she could not stand up.

Apparently she was quarantined for 72 hours in room number “666”.  Miranda had a relationship end due to the length of traveling and time spent apart.  Louise and Valerie worked together writing a book (which has not been released yet) and they struggle with finishing school while having to travel and live out of a suitcase week to week.  Of course, the most obvious trial has been distance and time away from their families in Stockholm.  Each of them misses their families but have ironically learned to truly appreciate moments with them while in town, than away.

As they wrap up recording their second album soon in Sweden, they are keeping in shape with yoga (well, three of them partake in yoga), positive mental attitude and a high vegetable/fruit diet. These ladies certainly are making a very stylish splash around the globe.  I can’t wait for them to jet back to New York as they are free to party like Vikings, I mean ladies.  Ending this in true Nordic style, Skål…!!! (cheers) We hope to see these singing, modelesque, fashionista, Euro-Class ladies back in New York permanently soon.

Photography: Mani Zarrin; www.manizarrin.com




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