Home Nightlife Bringing in the new year and my hang over with Social Life.

Bringing in the new year and my hang over with Social Life.

Photography courtesy of Tracey Rohrer.

As I have been insisting for many years now- revelry on New Years eve is for amateurs and gluttons for the painful next day after syndrome. What those next day syndromes include only you know, and we could take a guess but perhaps it would be best to keep that all a sorry secret until next year.

That said I did make an appearance at publisher Justin Mitchell’s and Editor in Chief Devorah Rose’s Social Life’s magazine New Year’s eve party at the Prince George Ballroom and in short I was quite charmed, what happened afterwards was not so charming but I will keep those references separate and furthest from my mind as possible (it did include agreeing to join other patrons for other parties which proved to be disarming to say the least…).

Arriving at the Social Life Mag party did require this scoundrel to practice a modicum of persuasion, (apparently I was on no one’s list- not even our own Devorah Rose’s) and the threat of tears I trust led to the solid sentry parting ways for this particular dilettante. That said I finally entered to find myself surrounded by a gangly select of usual suspects (the Hampton imports, under fed models, the boys that always lunge after them and the genteel crowd that so often makes for good banter and a long swig of the champagne bottle a good sport) and the obvious signs that festive abandon was at hand.



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