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Palin supporters struggling to understand why they support Palin.

s-PALIN-IOWA-largeTrying to make sense of middle America.
It looks like the Huffington Post has hit on a real nerve in middle America as reporters set out to inquire as to why exactly they tolerate long waits up to several hours in the open cold for a chance meeting with Sarah Palin as she pimps her latest book deal – ‘Rogue Nuisance.’

They interviewed several of her supporters who were waiting in line at a Borders bookstore in Columbus, Ohio. These fans expressed very strong support for Palin, but it was mostly couched in vague generalities about her being “real” and “strong” and “fair.”

When pressed to cite specific policies that they favored or thought qualified her for the presidency, most of her fans struggled to come up with anything other than generic lines about cutting taxes and spending and the Palin staple: “drill, baby, drill.”

All we can say is, has anything  really changed in America and since when was it public policy that anyone who followed imbeciles like Sarah Palin had a constructive mentality. What’s important and we’ll stress it again is that Sarah doesn’t like gays, used to be Miss Bikini of Hoboken, Alaska, hates windsurfers and is happy to cut taxes to zero so you can freeze your asses off when it’s time to have basic services switched on.
Being a political leader has nothing to do with common sense but everything to do with slick promotions and a hot ass- you betcha!
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