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Twilight Fan Lied About Getting Bitten…Why?



Twilight-fever is in full swing, ladies and gents. When I heard that some 17-year-old girl, named Erin Westrat , got bitten at a movie screening by some 40-something year old man, it seemed crazy, yes, but also extremely stupid. What is our world coming to when the story of a girl getting bitten is suddenly news?

It turns out that the girl was lying and confessed herself that  she wasn’t in fact bitten, but that she was kissed on the neck by the guy and she was a “willing participant.” I knew teenagers of our generation were a bit crazy, but what the hell? If, in fact, this never happened, why did she report it to the police? Was this her way of her trying to become famous? As the girl who got bitten by an old man at the movies?

This girl should have just watched the movie, not have been a willing participant in letting some pedophile kiss her neck, shut her mouth, and went on home to squeal with her girlfriends about Team Jacob or Team Edward. Now she faces criminal charges for filing a false police report. Congratulations Erin! A word of advice, if you’re going to lie about something, try making a better one. Maybe like you met Robert Pattinson and HE bit you on the neck rather than some old sleaze. I guess she’ll live and she’ll learn— after paying up some fines and a few weeks in court.

Cops: Bitten ‘Twilight’ Fan a Bloody Liar
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