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Burgers Behind Bars: the Career Opportunity of a Lifetime.


mcIn these trying times, it doesn’t pay to be picky, so I thought it only courteous to pass on this little nugget for any job hunters out there. McDonald’s is hiring – in Guantánamo Bay.

As the Telegraph reports that the burger chain is looking to hire an assistant manager for its outlet at the military base in Cuba where the US holds foreign terrorist suspects.

Don’t all jump at once. No really, I hear it’s lovely out there. And you don’t need security clearance or anything, just a valid United States passport and a willingness to relocate to Cuba. You’d get to meet all sorts of interesting people too – apparently the base’s interrogators frequently pop in to buy treats with which to placate their captives. Plus, the successful applicant will work only five days a week on rotating shifts, and just think of all the fun things there must be to do there on your days off.

With any luck you’d have yourself a good secure position too, as it doesn’t look like the naval camp is going to be closing down any time soon.

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