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Bowery Hotel is Events’ Ground Zero This Week.



Photography by Ricardo Garcia.

When you think of the Bowery Hotel, you think of a cool, sophisticated, English decorated style venue with a huge summertime deck on the 2nd floor, perfect for any type of function.  Perhaps that’s the reason it was scouted as the location for a party thrown by Rolling Stone Magazine, Epic Records and Shakira this past Monday night.  Cameras flared and fans stared at the South American Starlet who has conquered the video feeds and radio waves of modern day nations espoused from both Spanish and British Empires.  Virtually every Spanish and English speaking native knows of Shakira; she has sold over 50 Million albums worldwide.  She is also the 4th richest woman in music behind Madonna, Barbara Streisand and Celine Dion. She is also the first artist to perform a Spanish language song on the MTV Music Awards.  Although gracing us with no performances this past Monday, fans and paparazzi looked onward again and again to show their appreciation for the little beauty, who gave the press exactly what the were looking for.  DJ Alexandra Richards led the evening with fantastic tunes that even Shakira was swinging too…!!!

Continuing at the Bowery Hotel was last evening’s event: The Humane Society of the United States and the Art Institutes’ Fifth Annual Cool vs. Cruel Awards Ceremony, which honored Charlotte Ronson and Mickey Boardman for their outstanding achievements and backing for the cause.  Charlotte’s Sister Samantha led the tunes for the night, and cosmopolitans of various flavors were making their way into hands of guests from corner to corner.  Fashionable and charitable attendees kept their fur coats hidden at home for the evening while the animal rights activists showed praise to the all too deserving awards recipients. I feel like I should have taken a room at the Bowery Hotel for the week.