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Kim Kardashian set to make $50 000 just to hang out and laugh at you.


kardWhen the money is flying everywhere except at you. Reality in America.

Kim Kardashian is living the life you wish you could afford and having the time of her life doing so. Kardashian (effectively a nobody with a nobody talent) has made the year 2009 go down as one of the most perilous years for all the talentless and eager hopefuls who hang around TV sets and glitzy promenades looking for book deals and a collective slap in the face.

But what a face Kim has, and oh how much you crave it, very much crave it, to the tune of 50,000 bucks.

In the end, who can blame Kim? She’s only doing what makes sense and is the current vogue amongst talenteless sycophants looking to suck up as much blood, glitter dust, and money bags that they possibly can. The irony of course is we can never get enough of her and to be honest we are in desperate need of her and smut.

So if by any chance you happen to be in Las Vegas drop by Tao and wish Kim a happy birthday because, as we all know, smut sells and Kim is one hell of a sales lady.

When throwing glitter in the air is at first just an audacious spectacle until of course it becomes too profitable for you to pass up…

Kardashian paid to party

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  • Financial Samurai

    I’d pay $50,000 to hang out with Kim……. she’s solid! 🙂