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James Bond Bound at Tenjune.

Photography by Shoko Takayasu. Bond Girls.


This past Saturday I had the surreptitious pleasure of attending Attica’s black tie red carpet affair heralding the new James Bond film and the groups obvious passion for kitsch, adrenaline and the glamorous set. What ensued was a lively affair that had guests donning their best James Bond aura or as some boldly asserted themselves as the delectable villain. 


Turning to my date the feline Radha Mimi I rather boldly enquired as to what made James Bond the preferred vestige of the last five decades. She thought about this and announced in cavalier terms: “That he’s the man the boys want to be and he’s the boy girls want to be with.” She slinked for a second before adding, “Well you have to appreciate men are drawn to him for his masculine virtues and women are drawn to him by his feminine characteristics.” (this with her very English accent mind you…)


Of course when I was asked the very same question by the New Epix TV crew that will be running a series of Bond films later this year when they hit the airwaves I could only manage something about “…charm, wit and the amphoral qualities that most people desire. Besides he’s always good at rescuing the world and without a drop of sweat. Really who can’t like that?”


Scallywag and Radha Mimi.




  1. this must be fun!
    we have bond girls, but wait, where is Mr Bond?
    new film, EON already announced it? they are re-invent the enemy Quantum 2000s= SPECTOR 1960s

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