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Greenhouse getting slapped with a $1billion lawsuit because your ass is black.


greenhouseIs it because I’m black or because I weigh 300 pounds?

Looks like the tension in race relations have reignited in the city. A new lawsuit on the blocks has plaintiffs suing the downtown private club the Greenhouse for denying up to 175 people who were on a guestlist for African American fiction writer Teri Woods celebratory party. Of course there wasn’t much of a celebration when Woods found most of her entourage being denied entry into the venue.

Reports the NY Daily News-

Club owner Barry Mullineaux declined to discuss what had happened to Woods’ party beyond calling charges of racism “all pretty much bogus.”

Apparently there seems to have been a problem with Teri Woods guests- that of their appearance for one which hinted at the incorrect décor of the club-

“Everybody looking at me like this ur people Barry???” read a text message from owner Barry Mullineaux. “I couldn’t let in 300lb girls.”

Of course, Barry letting in 300 lb girls is a no no in any part of the world. We understand the cool factor and cool quotient which is ever so valuable… too valuable…

Continues the article-

“They left all of my friends and family standing outside,” she said. “I had really serious people out there: lawyers, doctors and people in the entertainment industry.

Are we now to believe all 175 guests some of them respectful members of society were turned away for being overtly fat as well? Or are there some other compelling reasons that aren’t exactly being divulged here?

Asking for an explanation one of the guests was treated in the following manner-

Robinson, the sister of rapper Queen Pen, said, “When I asked the doorman what was the problem, he just looked past us like we didn’t exist.”

In any event it promises to be a very interesting session in court as a new chapter in race relations is brought to the table.

Going to nightclubs can be loads of fun, just make sure you are not fat and preferably politically cool, whatever cool actually means…race, gender and sexual orientation aside…
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  1. …lol…..go head and sue…but next tme Miss Terri…do your homework!!..while it sounds so politically correct to be able to have your party anywhere you choose…you know dam well its not like that..to avoid embarassment and law suits select a more suitable venue..or buy the bar and the club out.. that certainly won’t be denied….smh

  2. Wow-sers… If she were that selective to make GreenHouse her venue, then she should have been that smart enough to know that there is a certain aesthetic that the venue maintains. She should have thrown a “Dinner Party” for “those people”. Not black ones either… BTW, I can only imagine what Queen Pen’s sister looks like. An antique, like Queen Pen right? LOL. I was wrong for that but then again I’m speaking from the other side of the Velvet Rope…

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