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Damien Hirst is slowly descending to Hell.


ghirstWhen shock and horror no longer sell.

We read with dismay this morning that star luminary slut Damien Hirst’s fame bubble for extraordinary bullshit that sells is slowly capsizing into the sewer. According to ArtReview, a magazine that publishes a list of the most influential people in the art world, Hirst has slipped from top of the list to number 48 on the list.

Possible reasons for his self demise include the following-

1.    Cum shots as art doesn’t sell anymore.

2.    People are over his sham and gimmicks (but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are over all gimmicks and shams.)

3.    Being provocative and edgy with real art has suddenly come into vogue, but of course who can define what “real” means anymore.

4.    Dating super models is a fun and photogenic exercise in public relations but not necessarily essential in the construct of the art world.

5.    He pissed off too many people.

6.    People are suddenly becoming less materialistic (believe it or not.)

7.    Altruism is suddenly back in style and we all know that only confuses Damien.

8.    Hoarding the art market with your own art work was bound to back fire.

9.    Making shiny diamond skulls is more scary than beautiful.

10.    It’s a stunt that Damien is pulling off and within a week he will be back laughing at us.

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  • MadNonesense

    he’s just having a bit of fun. he’s not on the way down, quite far from it. he’s just taking everyone for a ride. the man’s got too much money to play with: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_L4wY8_93M