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Collective Hardware- So hot that they are literally going up in flames.




When bohemia sometimes makes you wince.

You’ve probably heard of them by now-the gang over at Collective Hardware and no matter what you think of them, – too brilliant or too just out there with too perfect cheek bones and perfect swagger (we know we are trying to figure out where they recruit their disciples…cause Jesus has been dead for a while) you have to wonder how they didn’t manage to burn themselves to a cinder the other night when an electrical outage sent the pretty arty people running every which way to put out the flames.


At approximately 3.30 am Wednesday morning when most normal people are fast asleep this lot were having the time of the lives freaking out watching their residential workspace going up in flames. Admittedly scary (I should know I was also there running for my life too) the Collective at first were wondering what the hell young Jim Morrisey look alike figure Gabriel Friedman of the in house band Dog Soldiers was singing or was it a case that his cheekbones grazed the ceiling and caused electric volts to descend.



In the end everyone and everything survived, sure the recording studio might need to be given a once over (but please make it cheek bone proof next time guys) and it kind of makes sense since the beginning of the year there have been 2 nearby fires diagonally across from each other – so now we guess you have the perfect triangle (triptych) and next time Gab starts singing ‘Bowery on Fire,’ we’ll know he really means it.

The moral of the story- sometimes beauty and talent can never guard you against the ravages of freak accidents. Anyway we’re glad everything turned out okay.

Bohemia is fun if you can stomach it!


  1. Of course there were also other adventures too- the supposed opening of 4 star cafes but how could you begin to do that when the beauty salon you had created sat empty 6 days out of seven? Never mind the broken windows on the third floor which 5 months after the fire were still never tended to?
    What ever happened to clever marketing and making proper use of your resources? What ever happened to the money you made subletting the first and second floors out as a party venues? Whatever happened to the initial investors who originally supported you? Why weren’t they now coming through? Why aren’t they coming through now?


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