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Atarah Valentine blows Tribeca Grand away.



Those who checked out Atarah Valentine for the first time last night at the Tribeca Grand Hotel for the CMJ music festival, were shocked to find out that such an ethereal and angelic voice could come out of this beautifully dark raven-like, androgynous creature. “Who is this?” exclaimed two excited attendees who had just dropped by after hearing about a CMJ happening at the Tribeca Grand. The performance was simply inspirational.


With a voice that ranges from deep to falsetto, Atarah held the audience captive with his mesmerizing voice, even prowling through the audience mid-song. The eight song set included everything from the painfully beautiful Constant Guardians to a cover of T-Rex’s Cosmic Dancer. While Atarah’s Rick Owens-esque look might initially have you expecting him to sing to a more sinister tune, his music is so romantically heartbreaking you might find yourself dancing around the room and weeping simultaneously. Of course, there is always darkness in romance and heartbreak and it’s these contrasts that make his music so spellbinding and his look so perfect. With Micah Frank and Tom Rose backing him up on the beats, which include everything from synthesized drums to a trumpet this was surely the act to see. If there is any band to get a record deal out of CMJ, this one should get theirs signed, sealed and delivered.

Atarah Valentine.Caught between darkness and lightness.

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  • percy Adams

    I was very luck to be at this show and to witness both of these acts. I do understand your point Mr. Waters, but I do agree that there is no need to be blatantly rude about an act that has done a lot of ground work, and clearly has established a following. Atarah Valentine, was phenomenal, so whether you came out to see him or Jessica 6 – there can be no denying that. Which I am glad to see no-one is doing here. It takes guts to be a visionary in this day of the commercial or die mentality. After giving such a awe inspiring, all encompassing performance, I could see why Jessica 6 chose to take the stage an hour later then scheduled, in order to distance themselves from this most mesmerizing performance, and perhaps dip into the dance crowd who flood to the Tribeca Grand every saturday at midnight for their resident DJ.

  • Thomas Greer

    Mr. Waters, I think your comment was way too harsh. While Mr. Valentine’s performance was quite amazing – it’s no surprise that once Jessica 6 took the stage it was clear why most people came out. It is not necessary to diminish the performance of a much more established artist in order to shine the spotlight on an emerging talent. Let’s be perfectly clear, Mr. Valentine was an excellent opening act to the main event – Jessica 6.

  • John Waters

    I was at the show to Jessica 6- and heard there was an act before. Ignorantly I thought that this would be a mere warm-up act. Boy was I wrong. The thing is Atarah Valentine wasn’t the warm-up, he WAS the act and left Jessica 6 looking like a cheap tranny with through away elevator music. I agree with the piece on everway and ask those in the record industry who read this, to see him live! Those who were there, wake up to a real artist and I am sure, a fine investment!

  • Thomas Greer

    Hey I was also at this performance and I must admit – I was blown away. I had never heard of this artist before but couldn’t stop talking about him after we all left. He was absolutely amazing.