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Are you kidding me Rush Limbaugh?


71275021WM006_Cast_of_24_DiMy name is Rush Limbaugh and I have a mouth with no brain attached. I just scream my bigot slogans over the radio waves and stay very very rich.

Limbaugh was superbly displeased when his bid to buy the St. Louis Rams was rejected by the owners of the NFL. He was not considered as a potential owner of the team, according to Roger Goodell, because of “divisive comments.” Fueled by only the most recent comments in a long list of intentionally rage-provoking statements that have made his career, Limbaugh’s dismissal was partly in response to his comparison of two NFL teams to the gang rivalry of the crips and the bloods. True to form, Rush blames the blacks involved in the upper echelons of the National Football League.

Ok, Rush, I understand. It’s hard being a fat, rich, white man in a country run by fat, rich, white men. The evil people who look different aren’t letting you buy the object of your current affection. Things are looking bleak for you and you have my sympathy. Stay optimistic rush. Pop some pain killers. Maybe you can buy a golf course instead. Maybe build a country club. I’m just spit-balling here.

Rush Limbaugh, don’t get discouraged. Get back on the horse and start saying blatantly racist things and winning the hearts of the right wing.

Rush Limbaugh blames NFL players’ union, Barack Obama’s presidency for blocking his bid to buy Rams

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