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TRIAS- A Moveable Art.



Architectural, innovative, clean lines and elegant fabrics; the TRIAS show was a rousing success and a delight to behold. It was the Spanish designer’s first showing at New York Fashion Week and he debuted with the confidence and panache of a pro. His pleated cocktail dresses and futuristic silhouettes were risky, but not without reward; the workmanship was impeccable as every line, every detail was as close to perfection as it could be. The models were like moving pieces of art as they walked slowly and deliberately to quasi-trance, quasi-tribal sounds. They did not stomp, but rather strode down the runway as the audience (in which no twittering or texting thumbs could be found) was held in rapt attention. 

 The collection was forward-thinking and risqué (especially the transparent blouses; exposed breasts in New York?!) and the critics will assuredly be impressed. Whether or not Trias proves to be consumer-friendly, we will see. At the very least, his pieces can always hang in museums.


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