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SOHO house refuses to allow you to be a member if you are a COKE HEAD.


soho-houseWhen the bathroom policy changes, havoc ensues downtown.

Seems like there might be less members of the exclusive private house – the SOHO HOUSE after management has decided to enact a policy to counter what’s been understood to be the rampant and preferred behavior of a particular sect of clientele. Of course you know who you are and you don’t need me to tell you who you are but here in a nutshell is what is going on.

People going in pairs into the lavatory either to enact in sex or blow have been set upon by management. Of course it’s not like management is waiting there outside the bathroom, but unless you were born yesterday it’s pretty much understood what is going in the bathroom and the management either mortified or tired of letting you have your way have decided to put a stop to this behavior. So much so that a metal plaque inside the boys and girls bathroom warns anyone caught entering in pairs will have their membership taken away.

Well the shock.

What does this mean for the SOHO HOUSE- not much really, when there’s a will there’s a way.

When snorting and fucking are only a street curb away

One at a time

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