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Pr Associates are getting stupider by the day.


mallory_montillaWhen brain power should be part of the job description.


Meet Mallory Montilla.  (click here for newest update on this unbelievable drama) She’s about to go to jail soon. Why? Because she couldn’t appreciate that her ‘supposed fool proof’ plan to keep jewelry on loan instead of returning it would eventually have every one wondering who was the last person seen handling it.

Mallory who until recently worked for Whisper PR (she was fired in mid July) was a budding 24 year old socialite who was making the rounds, having her picture taken with Sarrah Jessica Parker and getting to have a lot of fun hanging out with big shots, forging a career as a fashion pr girl and of course getting to wear lots of expensive jewelry that she thought she could hold onto indefinitely (does this sound like Lilo? It smells like her…).

That was until Friday, when everyone did ‘one plus one’ and figured out that the girl in charge of returning the jewels had simply just kept the jewels. An accounting of missing jewels had Montilla holding onto $97,000 worth of jewels.

Montilla is due back in court tomorrow after having posted bail and spending the weekend in jail.

When beauty, charm and social networks don’t help if you still don’t have a brain.

The Unravelled Etiquette of Publicists.


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  • Perhaps someone else did steal the bling, but perhaps she is the one who stole the bling. Or perhaps you would just like to think someone else stole the ‘bling.’ We will all find out soon. As for the last line it stays. Thank you very much.

  • Hey,
    Has she been tried and found guilty in a court of law? What if someone else stole the Bling and blamed it on her?
    Last time I looked, NYC was in the USA where you are INNOCENT until found guilty (except of course, in the press and on blogs like this…)
    PS: you should proof read before you post – your last line is a mess, brainiac!