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Lindsay Lohan still pathetic as ever.


lindsay-lohan-still-pathetiWhat’s a 23 year old girl to do when she doesn’t like the way you look?

We read with intrigue this morning about the latest escapades of Lindsay Lohan who to be honest (unless you haven’t worked it out by now…) we suspect is not all there. That said we don’t know her personally and who’s to say we all might get on famously since we are ‘cunts’ ourselves. Although what really intrigues us about LINDSAY, is not Lindsay at all – we really don’t care about her. What really intrigues us about this girl is how her behavior has become symbolic of a culture gone wild and dysfunctional. For that we will always find Lindsay interesting in the same way you found the dead frog in your biology class interesting.

That said let’s explore this specimen’s latest behavior as she continues her surreal journey of the world’s most undesirable lab experiment. This week the NY Post (Trash) couldn’t keep their grubby hands off her and neither could we. Why? Because Lindsay is behaving in fine form.

This time the NY Post goes out of it’s way to inform us about how Lindsay who is largely unemployed but very famous (does this imply her misbehavior is only tolerable because she is famous or if she was a consistent actress which she once was then we would be more inclined to grant her exemption for her misdeeds?) went out of her way to throw name cards/seating arrangements on the floor at the latest G Star show simply because the seating arrangements offended her(never mind that this cunt offends every other rational thinking person in America….).

Is Lindsay by law allowed to behave this way and us not be offended by it? Would we not be by now arrested or at least thrown out on the street for the way she gets to behave. Really would you be awarded an artistic director stewardship at Ungaro if you behaved the way she did? Does bad behavior only pay dividends when you’re famous or a celebrity? Is that why bad behavior amongst celebrities is on the rise?

The moral of the story is you can be a ‘cunt’ and nobody cares, it’s only when you become famous that we do and bend over kissing your ass. Media whores and how you can become one….

Lindsay in seating snit