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Jaclyn Smith is now rumored to be dead while she is having a smoke.


smithTwitter is itching for something to tweet about.


We all know it’s the job of ‘responsible’ media to keep ‘us’ the public informed on the general where about and goings of society at large. That said it is now also increasingly becoming the role of media to save us from our collective selves and offer us a the occasional unsubstantiated rumor, picture of drooping celebrity ass or sojourns about missing dogs and love affairs that we’re suppose to care about.


That said the media’s desire to save us from ourselves took a turn for the worst yesterday, or for Jaclyn Smith when they started requesting about her imminent death or whereabouts.

Rumored to have been shot death in Los Angeles, no excuse us- let’s go with the more exotic location of Honduras.


Unfortunately her publicist Jay Schwartz killed off the potential great story by insisting that she was fine and chilling and that he had just spoken with her.


As for Jaclyn, former star of ‘Charlie’s Angels,’ she was forced to wake up, put out her smoke and twitter that she was very much alive, safe and with her family and probably like us very bored.


In any respect chances are some celebrity will cart it soon, and the media can then go back to work and do what it (doesn’t) know best and let Jaclyn Smith resume her life as an ex star.


Sometimes even wrongful death rumors have the ability to excite us, until really they don’t…

Jaclyn Smith – Not Dead. Not Injured. Not Amused

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