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It’s confirmed, Walmart symbolizes America.


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When anti labor, regurgitated and junk culture represents America shouldn’t you be worried?

According to a Vanity Fair- 60 minutes poll more than 50 percent of respondents cited Walmart as the institution that best describes America. Runner ups included Google, Microsoft, the NFL and Goldman Sachs.

Of course to any mid level intelligent American (the 7 % of you still out there…) this should come across as very disquieting news. Walmart who hold a legacy of being anti labor and have gone out of their way to limit their employee’s rights (from not allowing them to take lunch breaks, not being paid overtime and the amazing salary of $7 an hour that will soon see you begging off the streets) are not exactly what we think as very American.

Walmart famous for offering unbelievable cheap prices (after importing goods from China and other impoverished nations where labor is paid sometimes up to a hell breaking $2 a day for their labor ) to consumers who on their $7 salary have no choice but to shop there have also been known to force many local businesses to close as they undercut them in price.

What does this all mean to Americans? Apparently not much we think. Although we all collectively detest manipulation and harassment of employees and let’s not forget the degradation of our collective taste most people don’t have a choice given that we are all now in the collective doghouse. Of course people could go to the streets and complain but that might mean missing episodes of your favorite reality show (ironic since your reality is getting uglier by the day…)

America is a great place to live as long as you don’t mind putting up with the bullshit and Walmart.

Wal-Mart best symbolizes America, a new poll finds