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Why are Richard Kimball’s neighbors annoyed with Richard Kimball Jr.


richard-kimballWhen hot young girls start dancing around topless the neighbors might notice…



Since divorcing from Holly Peterson after 15 years from marriage, Richard Kimball Jr a Goldman Sachs hotshot has been living it up. When we say living it up we mean ‘living it up.’ Of course this may all sound down and dandy but unfortunately for Richard, yes poor Richard (the problems never stop mounting up – first Holly and then…) the neighbors aren’t exactly too thrilled with Richard suddenly been a bachelor. Of course we should let you know Richard’s neighbors are well to do ‘fun’ people from South Hamptons and for anyone who has been to the Hamptons there are certain protocols of behavior one is obliged to keep in mind.

What Richard isn’t keeping in mind are the hordes of young frolicking girls that have suddenly become Richard’s extended family (I know we’re curious too…) and after they have all have had a few drinks, started dancing wildly by the pool, had a few more drinks, turned up the music and even taken to wondering around topless. To most people (excuse us, to most newly made bachelors…) this is what dreams are made of, except Richard lives in a part of town where not everyone shares the same convictions, okay let’s call even call it fancies…

With the neighbors furious (I know can you believe that..?) and poor Richard having to deal with their shrill we’re wondering what’s too become of Richard’s parties in the future? In any event we are sure Richard will find a solution but until then neighbors will be neighbors.

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