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It’s confirmed things are definitely over for SEAN PENN when he turns up with his new girlfriend a sports illustrated cover model.


sean-penn-and-robin-wrightThe tell tale signs that SEAN is moving on and why we bother to give a shit…


Here’s the good news- Sean Penn your favorite trouble maker actor from out of Hollywood has got a new girlfriend but here’s the bad news he doesn’t care whether you have a new boyfriend or girlfriend to speak of.

Spotted taking out 25 year old Jessica White, Penn- 49 looked some what perturbed as the cameras went ballistic as he and Jessica stepped out of the limo and out for dinner. (We know Sean, we haven’t quite figured it out either- why wont people just let you live your very public life in private- Sean, stop me – but is that an oxymoron?)

Now that Sean Penn is finally hanging out with young girls (sorry let’s insert the proper word here- cover models, that’s better…) half his age we think his soon to be ex – Robin Penn will have no doubt in her mind that things are over between them.

But really why do you care?

When famous people live their very public lives in front of us it becomes mildly entertaining until we are once again forced to deal with our very private lives…

Penn And His Piece

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