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HELEN YARMAK:In the Lap of Luxury


The models didn’t act like mannequins but rather were like sales girls. Greeting everyone with a huge smile, they literally took the coats off their backs and offered it up to the women to don and even walked them to a nearby mirror, complementing how beautiful they looked in their fur.

When asked why the show was arranged in this manner, Yarmak replied, “It is a privilege to have this space, and everybody who attends wants to have special attention.” At that moment, she called over Dmitry Zheleznyak, the owner of Akvinta Vodka, and declared that it was a very special vodka and they teamed up because they wanted to showcase “luxury to luxury.” (A very special vodka indeed — no additives like sugar or glycerin at all, meaning, no hangover in the morning).

Although I wasn’t leaving with an original Helen Yarmak piece, I still departed with a warm fuzzy feeling inside, a well regarded embrace by the sponsor of the evening, Moran Bar Kochva,president of the Contemporaries and the sensation I had just found as Helen Yarmuk had stated earlier that evening -“something very special — like a second skin.”

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