Home Scandal and Gossip Get ready to start flying like standing sardine cans.

Get ready to start flying like standing sardine cans.



Just when you thought flying was bad enough it’s going to get a tad uglier.


Everybody start screaming the words ‘yummy,’ and ‘scrumptious,’ about the new fun innovative way to start flying in a plane just waiting to be tried by little old you. The way this real life game works is when you get in the plane instead of being allocated a seat facing the back of the seat in front of you know get to face each other, all off of up and down the whole vertical length of the plane.

Described as not the most comfortable seating arrangement (mmh we wonder why?) officials warn that the level of discomfort begins to particularly manifest itself after only 2 hours of flying time (oh cry babies!) as the seating arrangement sacrifices space and comfort for the sake of extra room that the airline agencies can now use to hoard more of you in together. Of course there is a silver lining to this story – the airlines are willing to offer you (supposedly) lower airfares. (well why didn’t you say so…?)

Used often as the preferred travel vehicle of US soldiers airline companies have been exploring innovative ways to make more money and they think they have discovered it but before you walk away thinking it’s not all that bad- Ryan Air are resolute in getting you to stand in their planes (we know the insanity just never ends- but really they are very serious kids) and if they can nail further designs you’ll soon be seeing the runway take off in a position you never thought possible.

As long as someone can make a buck of you they are always compelled to try…

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