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Bob Bullshit- The Best 2000 dollars I spent this weekend.


drunk100When surveying the nightclub madness it all becomes obvious…


With young aspirant socialites and moneybags rushing to futilely throw their money round in the hopes that ‘certain’ media outlets (yes we all know who they are so why bother mentioning them…) will showcase their stupidity we decided we too would finally join in the madness and showcase our pick of the week-

Bob Bullshitthe best $2000 I spent this weekend.

10/ “Sitting in the corner of some nightclub going deaf shoveling coke up my nose.”

9/ “Sitting at some V.I.P nightclub and spending $800 a bottle on vodka so I could appear prestigious and stand a chance of scoring with one of the hot little numbers who specialize in fleecing jack asses like me.”

8/ “ Going to a whore house and getting laid finally.”

7/ “Breaking and entering into a high net worth individuals car and riding around it stoned and drunk before appearing before the magistrate the next morning at least $2 K down for the lawyer who has to rescue my stupid ass.”

6/ “Getting totally loaded along Bedford Avenue before head budding some kid from WestChester in the head that I didn’t like and now facing punitive damages, with half of last weeks dinner along Driggs Avenue too.”

5/ “Getting my picture taken at the most happening restaurant in the city and then doing a double take when the dinner bill arrived.”

4/ “Signing a lease and a $2000 check to the realty broker who helped me get this shit hole of a wall new apartment.”

3/ “Going to a strip joint and blowing my money on some Russian transplant. But really dude did you see those hooters?!!”

2/ “Going to an after hours party with Lindsay Lohan and paying for her blow.”

1/ “Throwing my rent money into the air just as the cameras were clicking at some nightclub in the meat packing district. Boy that was fun, but I sure wont do that ever again.”