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What were the top ten numbers in Lilo’s missing Blackberry?


liloe28099s-missing-blackberryAn effort to find out whose numbers cry baby Lilo was afraid of losing.


We’ve all been there, when we wake up later the next day and realize our I –phones, Blackbery’s, Motorolas are missing. For most of us it’s the inconvenience and expenseinvolvedin having to get a new phone, but for some of us it’s the inconvenience of having to retrieve all those missing and forever lost numbers.

That said we sat down amongst ourselves(yes we were incredibly bored and don’t have much to do in our lives besides examine social mores and the diabolical habits of spoilt (ex) photogenic young women) and wondered out aloud which ten numbers was Lindsay Lohan afraid she was forever going to be missing.


1/ Coke/crack dealer in Los Angeles.

2/ Private direct line to Beatrice door. (please don’t ask us to explain the reputation of this all but shut down cxxx den).

3/ Nick Denton’s direct line at Gawker.

4/ Her publicist wherever she may be, but Lilo might as well lose this number as her pr image is less than stellar.

5/ Speaking of cry babies- Kristian Laliberte (we’re betting this is the new ‘it’ friendship this fall).

6/ Coke/crack dealer in New York City.

7/ Samantha Ronson (some things you have to hold onto even for sentimental reasons)

8/ Harvey Weinstein (we’re betting Lilo is going to pitch Harvey a story about a girl who goes to hell and back)

9/ Coke/crack dealer in Long Island, NY.

10/ Chief executive officer of Starbucks, because this is who we bet Lilo will be calling this fall for a new part time job.

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  • We only comment on Lilo because she encapsulates the current cultural phenomena of gross celebrity fornication which forever intrigues us. As for the subject herself she is unremarkable like many other young dilettantes in society who don’t particularly impress or inspire us, but nevertheless shed light on current dogma.

  • Unimpressed

    Making fun of distressed young women – great journalism!

  • princess

    What about her shrink? I bet she needs to call them soon…

  • trucker hat

    Jesus Christ! Look at her, how many drugs is she on?!