What is happening to our lounges these days in New York?  Let’s get away from the Las Vegas, Dubai or Monaco/Southern Euro Trash feeling with bright lights, shiny shoes and music that makes you want to settle down and have a kid or at least hit a dive bar for the night.  I mean, how many bootleg models from Eastern Europe (that can’t speak English, not that it really matters if you are a bootleg model, but still…) can you have huddled around a table with a promoter?

Well there is one place that attracts plenty of ass with class, Jane Ballroom, inside the Jane Street Hotel.  So the neighbors can’t sleep.  Last time I had a gander, the place is fortified in solid brick walls with an entrance across from a car park virtually on the West Side Highway.  This seems a bit odd for complaints, considering its remote location.  It’s not as if it’s in the middle of the West Village.  And we all know what the West Village community did to the Beatrice Inn.  So, maybe there was an argument against a basement sized lounge just below the apartments where your aunt and uncle were living, this I can see.  Who doesn’t remember walking into the shabby or shitty – chic (pardon my damn Swedish again) lounge as security was “hushing” you down the stairs, drinking yourself so blind you were trying to figure out which girl was your fiancée, cutting the 20 person bathroom line to go vomit and then gargle your vodka cranberry to get the smell out.  I mean, didn’t we all do that?


But we have basically gone from a “basement” to a “ballroom” and oh how chic it is to be sipping Tito Tonics by the fireplace.  New Yorkers in the know don’t trot around the Meatpacking or 27th Street with the Friday and Saturday night heard of touristic-like cattle acting all belligerent.  Most New Yorkers prefer to party “away” from the “DIZ” (Designated Intoxication Zones), perhaps in a remote location or in some building on a twisted alley where a midget with a switchblade in one hand checks ID’s after you knock on a door 3 times and give a password.  Ok, that’s a bit over Hollywood-ized.  But the glitz, pizzazz, flashy, boom boom etc.  These are all passé visions from the early 90’s when people were actually wearing bright gold Versace shirts with matching wrist chains.

Looking at New York nightlife’s past, it could be Peter Gatien’s pioneering that transformed people’s nightlife perception, etiquette, politics and even real estate value (on occasion) with such venues as; Club USA, Palladium, Tunnel and The Limelight (my favorite which was in a converted  church).  Forgetting the whole Glow Water/Ecstasy thing and the stabbing at Tunnel, if it wasn’t for this type of creative clubbing, New York nightlife would not be what it is to this very day.  In fact, an Earl of Nightlife, Lord Legend Mark Baker, said to me just the other day:

“Nightlife has been under siege since 1994 when the disco task force was activated by city hall. This was driven by some maniacal members and a couple of community boards whose



  1. This is the sad state of nightlife in New York City. A few reckless operators really ruined everyone’s fun and these “hipsters” can’t figure out what went wrong. Then when someone like Eric and Sean open a venue, who are top notch operators, they have the residual effect of TheBeatriceInn boys who had no regard for building out a space, pulling permits, complying with code or their neighbors. One of the neighbors said “If I had a gun” at the mere mention of Abramcyk’s name. The Jane troubles can be easily be resolved because it only ever took money to build out these spaces and comply with code. But these low life, underfunded operators like Abramcyk & company have eroded the neighbors and community faith because they’ve been lied to and even harmed their neighbors. It’s like consumer confidence, once it’s lost, it can never be regained. I personally don’t see how it could be hip to put the cool venues out of business based on ill conceived, under financed smelly basements or why they think this is “hip”. It seems like a few bad operators have. Really ruined it for everyone.

  2. Yea, heard a friend of hers was trapped in the bathroom splashing water on his face.There was so much smoke he couldn’t find the door. The woman’s coat they started on fire was burnt to shreds. They promised to pay for her in front of the firemen. But she was left knocking on everyone’s door in tears because they just stone walled her instead. They made up this “Legal Bar Brawl” story a week after the fire. It was meant to prevent the city from shutting them down with pending litigation.

    She never did anything to them. The DOB complaints and 311 complaints were at Beatrice Inn in the West Village not Smith and Mills. Their troubles were with the lady above Beatrice Inn. This lawyer must have gotten his the venues confused because he handle these troubles at Beatrice Inn himself.

    Maybe the lawyer is just too old to practice law anymore. But he has since gone on to threaten the SLA at Marquee over an undercover drug sting and a New York Times reporter at The Jane Hotel over licensing issues. This is the sad state of nightlife in New York City. The question becomes why any of these guys needed a dirty lawyer.

  3. Didn’t you leave out Smith and Mills in a single garage at 71 N Moore at Beatrice Inn’s other location in Tribeca? Isn’t that why they made up that “Legal Bar Brawl” story on Carlos Almada and Victoria. They hardly seem like someone’s aunt and uncle upstairs. They must have left out the part where Smith and Mills had a fire and she wrote the Mayor personally because his daughter is their neighbor after Smith and Mills nearly burnt the buildings down and the surrounding buildings along with it and didn’t call the Fire Department for over an hour. The people inside could have been killed. The doors to Smith and Mills open in instead of out. The Greenwich Street Hotel cracked all their windows when they broke ground. She literally had no way out. BD Hotels’s lawyers made up that incredible story on them to put them in breach of lease because they were bidding on their building for a nightclub. But in all of this time no one connected the dots. There was no brawl. It was a construction accident. They damaged 3 landmark buildings on N Moore when they hit the water line by going down 3 floors instead of one. Guess that’s why the story belongs in the movies. It was pure cinema. Or maybe you just call it landlord fraud and racketeering. Century Realty owns those buildings. Abramcyk is the owners partner’s son. It’s a sad day for nightlife in the city when nightclubs make up stories on their neighbors to prevent the city from stepping in with pending litigation. Particularly since Eric and Sean were Carlos’s partners at MK. These Bd Hotel boys are desperately over the line. What is astounding is they laid this penthouse story at Bob’s door step.This is all BD Hotels.

  4. Is this Olivier’s photo? Looks very much like one of his, but this one looks like it’s been Photoshopped… photo credits?

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