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Time to shed a tear- favorite trust fund coke den – ‘the Jane,’ is being attacked by angry neighbors.


Time-to-shed-a-tearWhen the jet set and their friends have to deal with people who don’t actually like them.


We read with intrigue as both Gawker and our pals over at Guest of a Guest started jumping up and down about the current harassment that preferred jet set coke den haven ‘the Jane st Hotel’ has been receiving from nearby tenants who are by now fed up not with just the noise, the street transgressions, the velvet rope faux pas and those ridiculous looking kids who always claim immortality and whatever when they are high on you all know what (yes we sore you there driveling it up – but that’s your problem…).

With the tenants not completely understanding that they are picking on the wrong type of people and nevertheless resolved to send the kids packing home (but where’s home now that coke den the Beatrice is sayannora?) things could end up getting interesting from here.

With a scene that we frankly are already over with and gladly hand over to the trolls who make it habitual form to spend their waking hours getting sloshed and disturbing local residents we have one thing to say- ‘Next time be quiet, cause you just ruined it for all your trust fund friends idiot!’

Anyway, we’re sure New Yorkers will find the next trust fund coke den in no time.

The Jane Hotel Is Well on Its Way to Being Shut Down

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