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What’s it really saying when FOX news and the country start making fun of some homeless bum?


fox-newsWhen the media gladiator sport starts going after Hollywood, liberals, junkies and now homeless bums…


From Gawker comes a less than savory story of a FOX news anchor guffawing as it hashed the story of some homeless bum who at the time was going crazy and while being tazered (the ‘fun’ way to calm down crazies) was accidentally set on fire (seeing as he had cleaning liquid residue on him).

In recanting the story the news anchor then stops and pauses to consider the mug shot, admittedly disturbing and can barely help but nearly laugh his head off.

One of course is left wondering how crazy homeless bums have made the news as spectator sports (no mention of how he ended up in this position or what could be done to ward such scenarios in the future was made) alongside Hollywood celebrities, liberals (you know who are!), junkies (Lindsay you know who are) and now the new slap shot contestants- homeless, insane individuals.

What’s disconcerting is as a national news service no discussion was merited as to this man’s plight and many others like him, in fact it relished in his demise. One has to wonder what this says about the national character and our ever reaching fascination for gladiator sports.

When making fun of crazy people starts to get crazy.

Check out the link below and see if you don’t agree…

Fox News Gets Chuckle Out Of Homeless Guy’s Exploding Tazer Hit

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