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Were Wolves at BOMB…



BOMB Magazine with Gigantic and Opium magazines hosted an end-of-summer bash at Bowery Electric featuring a musical performance by a drag queen, two short plays, and another musical act that consisted largely of a guy speaking (rhythmically) to the audience about a dream he had, set to music. So of course, this means we need to talk about one thing: wolves. Or, in this case, ‘werewolves.’



“Have you ever been attacked by a wolf-like creature?” This is the text that accompanies the upcoming book, The Werewolf’s Guide to Life by Rich Duncan and Bob Powers. Tweens may love vampires and zombies may have already had their day, but the new mythical creature of choice among the in crowd is about to be werewolves (side note- is there anything cooler than being seen on the subway reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies? I suspect not.).

The authors performed an excerpt from the upcoming book detailing the Dos and Don’ts of telling your spouse or significant other that you’ve become a werewolf. “Be honest,” they urge. When your wife notices you’ve been sneaking off once a month, she’s bound to get suspicious and follow you one night. And we all know where that road leads- tragic mauling. The performance was funny and well received but not mind blowing, so I suspect the words have more impact on the page.